Who am I? Why do I do this? This is me, My name is Andrea Annis formally Dunn & Moore I am no one special. I enjoy photography! I have been remarried for 2 years now!  My heart belongs to my pistol of a daughter, Brooke! She assist me, models sometimes, and is my right hand. A few years back I had a very fast paced, stressful job where I ran anywhere from 13 to 30 stores- between Athens, G.A. & at one time all the way to Columbia/Sumter, S.C. Around that time, my boss suggested that I get a hobby to relax me after work. So, I did! My talent was discovered by a local college photography professor. He said I should get some training and shoot professionally. I took his advice, took several private classes for 3 YEARS, harnessed my skills for a couple of years, and here I am. I have been shooting for over 16 years now! My work in very important to me. I love for people to be themselves. For them to feel comfortable and at ease so I get a real picture of their real expressions. So, often in studio pictures. . .the bright lights are in your face, fake backgrounds, and being the center of attention, it can create pressure to hurry up, get the shoot over with...

While there is a place for studio photography and I greatly esteem those who shoot with it. I choose nature as my backdrop. . .shots of your true charisma. . . .children laugh, play, and have fun because I am in no rush. . . . you just live your life and I capture it on camera! I have however created a giant studio in my home and use it during the colder months. I am one of the few photographers that give away the entire cd of your pictures with every package. I give you all the rights to them but,  I just keep the right to advertise with them as well as keep them in my portfolio. Please take a look through my gallery. . .look at these people, events. . . see if you can feel the moment or really see the expressions and grounds! And if you hire me, realize I am enjoying myself- its not just work for me. I also sponsor a Bully provention project called Charisma Cares, please check it out and join our fight against teen suicide . . . https://www.facebook.com/stopteenbullieswithcharisma

 You can also find Charisma Photography on Facebook and Instagram- charismaphotographycsra