Seneca Wedding, where the mountains meet the lakes. . . in South Carolina. . . a Northern Couple mar

This gorgeous couple flew south from Boston to South Carolina to live happily ever after. The Bride and Groom moved together with both of their jobs. The bride is a beautiful northern light, petite in size and frame but smart and crisp in her ways. She is blonde, blue eyed, loves to work out, loves her doggies, family and friends. Her Prince charming was more of a knight. The two have dated since they were in high school, through college, and are madly in love. I have shot so many weddings now, I know so many, many love stories I thought I would start writing about them from my point of view. I thought it might be interesting to the bride and groom and their families. Heather (the Bride) I met with her, her love, and some family at Starbuck's one afternoon. We had such a good time talking about everything from weddings to animals. She described to me a beautiful venue where a lake has a mountain right beside it, and a beautiful Light house restaurant. Little did she know I am a crazy person when it comes to new venues and anything to do with water and lighthouses. . . "I am ready when you are doll. . ." A lot of photographer's keep it all professional and I do as well but because Charisma is my name and my way of shooting people cannot always be themselves if they are not comfortable around you. So as a photographer, I do want to know you as a person, as a couple. . . .so I can tailor my work to you. I care about your vision, your beliefs, well I care about my clients plain and simple . . .

When I reached the venue location, the view truly took my breath away, well worth the trip and for you Clemson folks. . . well it is right next to Tiger Country. No matter your favorite team this place was unbelieveable. As I entered the reception area, I was told quickly "the bride is not here!" by the father of the groom. Bright bold boston accents and so welcoming to me. I loved all the Boston crowd. Among the nothern folks of course the groom (Andrew) and I heard a strong southern draw which was a groomsmen he made friends with and is their neighbor. (another love story learned about later that is blended in with Heather & Andrew's) I love the mix of guys and the grandfather had me doubled over laughing. I now shoot with a "close up" lens and a "far away" lens so I am a double threat and get way more accomplished as well as I always have 1 to 2 extra cameras walking around to catch anything I might miss while I'm getting the good stuff.

As the day progressed I finished up with the guys in about 25 minutes and went up to meet the girls. Since this was an out of town wedding, guest were arriving way early. . . I went in to meet the girls and took lots of the before shots. . . but a moment that got even me was the bride's make up was flawless, she was perfect . . . and we set up the "pretend sneak peek shot" and when Heather touched Andrew's hand on the other side of the door, she begain to weep with her pretty blue eyes. . .her little blonde Matron of Honor wiped her tears and reminded her not to mess up her makeup, gave her a great hug, and said something sarcastic to make her laugh. . . . great friends you could tell. . . so by this point, the groom was rushed away and all the girls took a quick swallow of some tropical rum . . . it smelled delicious, the pictures I shot of that were priceless. . . the bride was walked by the Groom's Grandfather (the clown from earlier.) A precious older gentlemen changed his sarcastic tone as he held her tight and took his job in the wedding very serious. . . he is good people. (by the way this blog will read just like I talk)

A sucker for Nicolas Sparks, I love the walk down the isle and the emotions that hit full circle as she reaches that runner laid out on that neon green grass, just for her. . . after the nuptionals, the guest made their way to the reception where fortunately for them was steps away with even a porch and a bar to watch as we take those famous 30 minutes worth of pictures. Where I just thought I was calling the shots. . . this silly wedding party, photobombed the bride and groom which makes for great shots and conversation pieces. . . . I'm going to stop here for feedback. . . . is this something my clients, family, friends, and future clients want to read?

Kiwi popsicle

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